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Let Your Stress Melt Away

Your backyard is an essential part of your home – it’s a space where you get to relax and escape the complexity of modern life. When you add a body of water to your outdoor space, you’ll bring soothing sounds to your property that offer you peace and serenity.

Next time you’re having a hard day, imagine stepping outside and enjoying the paradise in your backyard. Let your worries fade away and tune in to the sounds around you. Hearing birds chirping, water bubbling in the wind right in front of you, and your loved ones having a good time will be your new way to unwind and decompress.

A Thriving Ecosystem Right OUtside Your Door

In an increasingly urbanized environment, it’s essential to take time out and connect with nature – it’s great for the body and the mind. Instead of seeking out a public park or a preserve, wouldn’t it be great to bring a piece of nature right into your own backyard?

Ponds are the perfect way to introduce the wonders of nature to your personal life. From bathing birds to hopping frogs, your local ecosystem will thrive! The pond will become a home and a bathing spot for small creatures in your corner of the world.


Having your own pond and enjoying the beauty of nature is a fantastic thing. You get to enhance your property, your landscaping, and your everyday routine like never before. But in order for you to enjoy your pond all year long, some maintenance is required.

Whether it’s caring for your wish, cleaning algae and fallen leaves, or checking your equipment, pond maintenance is a must. It’s not a complicated job, but it can be time-consuming. In order for your pond to thrive, we recommend always having it cleaned by a professional. Regular maintenance will ensure your systems stay in top shape and your pond will always be ready to impress.

Our Services

Whether you inherited a pond or you want to enhance your outdoor space, we’re here to help.

Pond Construction

Bring nature’s charm to your doorstep.

Pond Repair and Renovation

Breathe new life into your old pond.

Pond Maintenance

Keep your pond running seamlessly all year long.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Give your family a place to relax and enjoy nature.

Our Story

Here at Charlotte Backyard Ponds, we want to give you more than just the perfect pond; we want to create a long-term relationship in which you feel heard, valued, and understood. That’s why we treat all our clients as friends and hold their property and interests at heart at all times.

Our passion for the process and our desire to give you a positive experience are why we started this company. For us, each project is essential, and it lets us experience how a pond can change a family’s relationship with their yard.

We take great pride in our work and enjoy the craftsmanship that goes into every design. This means we always bring our best foot forward so that your pond is nothing than perfect.

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An Easy Process To Your Perfect Pond

We're excited to turn your backyard into a place where you can relax and recharge. The addition of a pond to your home may seem like a big challenge, but we’ve designed a simple process that guarantees a stress-free experience. Sit back and enjoy how easy it is to transform your home into an oasis.

Step 1. Reach Out To Us

Fill out our form and describe your ideas the best you can. We’ll get back to you with a phone call and discuss your budget, the timeline, and set up an on-site consultation.

Step 2. We Work Our Magic

When everything is in place, we get to work. Our team will bring your vision to life and give you the backyard experience you deserve. While we work on your landscape, we’ll always keep you in the loop.

Step 3. Love Your Home's Outdoors

When our work is done, we’ll do a walkthrough to present your pond to you and check if everything is perfect. Next, we pack up and let you enjoy your newfound oasis.

Project Gallery

If you want to know how your pond may look, feel free to browse our gallery below. Find the inspiration you need for your next outdoor project.

Here’s What Our Customers Say…

Growing around ponds and being involved with ponds our entire lives, we are perfectionists and we take a lot of pride in our work. Have a look at what other homeowners like you have to say about working with us.


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Create The Backyard Of Your Dreams With A Pond Designed FOr You