Should I Feed My Koi Fish? And More To Know

Should I feed my koi fish

As a koi pond enthusiast, you’ve likely encountered questions regarding the feeding habits of your fish. How often should I feed my koi fish? Are certain types of food better for their health or growth? In this blog post, we’ll discuss some essential guidelines on when and how to feed your koi fish properly. By […]

Why Are My Koi Fish Dying After It Rains In Charlotte?

Koi Fish In A Pond While Rain Drizzles Over The Surface Of The Water

If you have a koi pond, you may have noticed dead fish sometimes appear after it rains. This can be a frustrating and perplexing problem, but there are a few reasons why this happens. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the reasons why heavy rains can cause koi fish to die and offer […]

What to Feed Koi Fish in Your Backyard Pond

Koi fish swimming in a backyard pond

With their beautiful colors and playful splashing, koi fish make popular additions to many backyard ponds in Charlotte, North Carolina. Fish can’t cuddle or play fetch, so feeding your koi helps you bond with these flashy pets. You can keep your fish happy and healthy by knowing what to feed koi fish and what they […]

How To Care for Koi Fish In Your Charlotte Pond

Koi pond with fish

With a koi pond on your property, you can relax and enjoy time outdoors with your family and friends. Koi are delicate fish requiring specific care and attention to stay healthy, which can be difficult for some homeowners. In this article, we will cover how to care for koi fish and maintain their health and […]