How To Approach Pond Leak Repair

Checking liner and side for pond leak

Installing a pond in your back or front yard provides an excellent way to spice up your property and give you and your loved ones a great way to relax.

Ecosystem ponds (like the ones we install) are relatively low-maintenance. You don’t have to do that much to keep them clean and beautiful. But, as with anything you own, damages can happen. For backyard ponds, some types of damage can result in a leak.

We want to make sure you know what to look for and can handle some aspects of pond repair if this happens. So, this article will cover the basics of pond leak repair.

What Causes Water Features To Leak?

The most common reason for leaks in ponds and water features is a contractor makes a mistake during the initial construction of the pond. Therefore, the best way to avoid leaks in your pond is by conducting thorough research and ensuring you hire a trustworthy water feature construction company to handle your installation. They need to know how to build and maintain backyard ponds correctly.

However, even with careful consideration and construction, leaks can still occur in ponds and similar water features.

Multiple factors can cause these leaks, including tree roots or other plant growth piercing the pond liner. Burrowing animals can also accidentally dig through the liner. Liners can also shift around, moving far enough down that it dips below the water level, causing a leak.

Once a leak occurs on your property, you need to find and fix the problem as quickly as possible. 

How Do I Know My Pond Is Leaking?

Filling up a pond

Since ponds and pools naturally lose a bit of water to evaporation, it can be challenging to determine whether you have a water leak or not. This is especially true when high winds are present because bodies of water can lose significant moisture to the air around them. 

Watch for these signs that the loss of water you noticed stems from a leak.

The most critical thing to monitor is the amount of water your pond loses on a regular basis. If the water loss changes based on the temperature and amount of sun, your pond likely doesn’t have a leak.

However, if you notice water loss of more than a foot within a single month, your water feature company should inspect the liner edge and bottom of the pond to check for leaks. 

Another way to determine whether your pond has a leak includes checking how far the water level decreases. If the pond loses water due to evaporation, it will continue to drop as the weather stays hot. However, leaking ponds will only leak until the problem area rises above the waterline, and then the leaking will stop. 

How To Find a Pond Leak

One of the most challenging elements of pond leak repair is finding the leak in the first place. 

Anytime you suspect you have a leak in your pond, the pipes and fixtures should be the first things you check. Unfortunately, these fixtures remain vulnerable to rust and other forms of wear, so leaks can develop easily in and around them. Some are also hidden underground, making it hard for homeowners to check them.

If the pipes and fixtures are sturdy, the liner edge then becomes another simple place to inspect. Placing dye in the water offers an easy way to determine if water leaks in that portion of your pond. The dye should run right to where the leak is, leading you to the damaged area.

How To Repair a Leak

Small pond after performing pond leak repair

A leaking pond can be a significant burden for homeowners, as the water can leach into the surrounding ground, damaging structures and destabilizing the soil. This can also cause your water bill to rise.

Fortunately, Charlotte water feature companies can repair a leak after draining the pond. However, different strategies may be ideal for your situation, depending on the type of soil and sediment on your property. 

In most cases, you will need to drain the pond to fully repair the source of the leak. Draining that much water is a significant challenge, so enlisting the help of an experienced water feature company can make things much more manageable. Once you remove the water from the pond, you can find and fix the damage causing the leak.

Water feature companies can fix leaking ponds with bentonite. Bentonite refers to a type of clay that expands when you expose it to moisture, making it perfect for creating a water-tight seal. This compound can be highly effective, but it’s essential not to let it dry out after application.

You can also use one of several patch kits to help with your pond leak repair project. The main difference between them is they seal different size holes and tears.

Some homeowners also choose to add chemicals to the soil in their pond to improve the seal it creates. These additives allow homeowners to reduce the risk of future leaks without the cost of liners. However, finding the right chemical is crucial, so this process requires a thorough analysis of your soil.

Another option to stop a leak in your pond includes adding a liner (you’ll want to use the best liner for ponds.) While pond liners significantly reduce the risk of leaks, they usually cost more than other solutions. If you choose to purchase a liner for your pond, clear out all rocks and plant growth from the area first to ensure nothing penetrates the liner once you install it. 

Other Tips

Compaction provides another strategy that can save homeowners money in some situations. While you’ll still need to drain the pond, simply compacting the existing soil gives homeowners a cheaper solution than more extensive repairs.

When hiring a water feature company for pond leak repair, discussing the option of compaction always makes a wise choice. 

Get Pond Repair Service in Charlotte, North Carolina

Dealing with a leaky pond can be frustrating, as it can be challenging to locate the source of the leak, and the repair process can be costly. Fortunately, working with an experienced local landscaping company can minimize your stress and the project’s cost. If you live in North Carolina, Charlotte Backyard Ponds is an excellent option for any pond maintenance or repairs. 

Although ponds make a popular option for many homeowners, finding a qualified company to repair them can be challenging. With years of experience designing and repairing ponds for the residents of Charlotte, North Carolina, our contractors are experts in every aspect of pond maintenance.

When you need pond leak repair in Charlotte, NC, contact Charlotte Backyard ponds by filling out our contact form.