Pond Liner vs. Pre-formed Shell Maintenance for Backyard Ponds in Charlotte

Small koi pond with pond liner

Find The Right Liner For Your Backyard Pond Ever find yourself grappling with the nuances of pond maintenance? Or, are you wondering how your friend’s pond is better at retaining water than yours? Your journey to a healthy pond begins with the type of pond liner you have. In this post, we’re going to dive […]

Preformed Pond Shells vs. Flexible Liners For Backyard Ponds

Flexible pond liner over an area where a water feature is being built

Which Liner Is Best For Your Pond Project? Are you dreaming of a tranquil water feature in your backyard? Have you ever wondered if a preformed pond shell or a flexible pond liner would best suit your vision? In this blog post, we’ll dive into the world of backyard ponds, comparing preformed pond shells and […]

Pond Water Test Kit Duel: Test Strips vs. Liquid Test Kits

Person testing pond water pH with a liquid test kit

The Best Kit For Your Pond In Charlotte Ever wondered if your backyard pond is as healthy as it looks? Or if there’s a better way to ensure your water garden stays vibrant and safe for your fish? This blog post will compare the pros and cons and the similarities and differences between 2 water […]

Biological vs. Mechanical Pond Filters: Pros And Cons

New skimmer ready to be installed

The Right Pond Filter Means Less Work, More Enjoyment Have you ever wondered what the key is to creating a healthy, thriving koi pond? Are you curious about the role pond filters play in maintaining an ideal pond environment? In this blog post, you will learn the differences between biological and mechanical pond filters, their […]

Aeration System Comparison: Surface vs. Subsurface

Subsurface pond aeration system

Are you considering adding a pond aeration system to the backyard oasis of your dreams? Not sure which type—surface or subsurface—will meet all of your fish and plant needs? In this blog post comparison guide, we’ll review essential details about surface versus subsurface aeration systems. You’ll know which one is best for your water feature […]

Understanding Koi Pond Filtration Systems For Your Charlotte Backyard Pond

Closeup of a biological koi pond filter

Adding a koi pond to your yard can provide a great way to increase your relaxation at home and give your property a sense of tranquility. However, pond maintenance can become a challenge for many homeowners as it differs from other types of home maintenance. Some of this comes from having to care for koi […]